A Trainers Frustration

One frustration all trainers commonly share-finding a good location at a reasonable cost to host workshops. In previous years this was a huge hurdle for me, more so, because when I wasn’t hosting workshops I wasn’t generating revenue. If you are a full time trainer, without having access to adequate and a variety of venues in your database can be more stressful to a bank account.  Hotels and banquet halls are too expensive, especially if there is no cost to attend the event or more than half of the seats remain unfilled.

This is a competitive industry, thousands of trainers, hundreds in one city alone. If you’re waiting around for an organization or group to book you, shame on you. The time has come where trainers have to create their own opportunities by scheduling seminars and workshops in populated communities where you can charge a fee, get business leads, and promote services.

Thanks to partnerships and alliances, I discovered a few more these past several years and I’d like to share them with you.

1. Library. Today you can find libraries with quality meeting spaces available to community members for free, that is if you’re hosting a free workshop and it’s available to the public. If there is a fee, you are looking at a cost of $49-$65.

2. Bank. Most banks have conference rooms that seats 10-20 people for meetings or workshops. There is no cost to you, in some cases the bank will even provide refreshments.

3. Co-op Workspaces. Some may charge a small fee and others will only  allow you to use a space after work hours, weekends.