I formed Wade Institute in 1999. Due to overwhelming growth and client needs, I later launched Wade Co. Capital which specializes in raising funds for small to mid-sized businesses. I’ve consulted and assisted numerous clients across the country, raising more than $44,000,000 in capital and presents workshops and seminars to educational institutions, associations, and popular organizations throughout the country.

I am widely recognized as an award winning leading expert on business development and strategic planning. As an Author, Business Coach and National Trainer, I have trained thousands of executives, business owners, and professionals collectively, from various backgrounds on topics that range from starting a business, strategic planning, and financing a business, and running a successful business. With an interest in a more holistic approach to running a successful business, I strive to enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to identify, clarify and define their vision for success.

My latest work, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide for Starting a Business” and “Where’s The Money: Big Dollars to Do Big Business Like the Big Boys” are an all-inclusive journey of my professional career and entrepreneurial experiences. They are ultimately about building on a dream of owning a business, taking professional and personal experiences and turning them into a vehicle to help others; and how to survive as a small business using corporate level planning.

I’ve made appearances on various syndicated radio and television programs, quoted in many articles, and have had several profile articles written about her success. Her interview style is captivating to both interviewer and audience and I never fail to share inside tips and helpful ideas from which my audience can gain immediate benefit. I relate well to entrepreneurs and business owners, as I too had to learn the ropes of starting a business and overcoming many hurdles along the way.

I spent more than 10 years collaborating lenders and fighting for startups to be treated fairly in the financial market. Due to push back, I decided to create a “Leave No Business Behind” initiative. In 2016 I launched a new venture-Round 1 Funding, a crowdfunding platform for startups and growing businesses.